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I have been using computers at a very young age. I started my first email account in 1993/1994, surfed the web/started chatting in 1994 and started my first webpage in 1996. I’m usually an early adopter of technology. I have been watching dvd movies since 1997. Plus, I enjoy the latest technology gadgets. (Webcams, wireless keyboards/ optical mouse, iPAQ/PDAs, home networks, portable cd/mp3 players) Currently I’m learning new web technologies in which I plan to add to future versions of my website.

X-treme Sports

I have always been into riding bikes. When I was younger, my friends and I would ride around town, going to the local BMX trails/jumps. I would also go to the local Freestyle shows from BMX companies like GT, Dyno, Haro, Skyway, Mongoose, etc. I was in a few official ABA BMX races. Now, I currently enjoy BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and motocross. I went to the Philadelphia X-Games in 2001. I hope to get more involved in the future by getting a new bike & skateboard and taking photos at events I attend. (Which I’ll add to “my Photoblog”)


I love the beach! I enjoy boogie-boarding, water-skiing, tubeing, etc.

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