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Hi! Welcome to my personal website! My original homepage was built in 1996 and redesigned it in February 2002.

Just recently I updated the website once again with a few new things that I hope you will enjoy. Please feel to explore the website and feel free to contact me with any comments/suggestions. (Or Sign the Guest book)

The most visible update recently is the new Blog section. A blog is short for "Weblog," which is a type of website, often an online journal or diary. I will be sharing up to date information about this website, plus a variety of interests I have. (Music, Technology, X-treme Sports, etc) Also, another feature of my Blog section is what I call my “Photoblog”. My “Photoblog” is pictures taken from my cell phone and almost instantly will appear on my “Photoblog” webpage.

Stay tuned there will be more exciting new features in the future. Hope you enjoy my personal website and thanks for visiting!


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