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Hi! This is where you find all things new on my website. This is the quickest way to
find if I add a new picture or some new layout or some new feature. The biggest goal
in creating the new site was to keep it fresh, new, and up to date. Here is the history:

August 2002

08.31.02 - New revision/tweak to the website. Rollover buttons instead of text links.
Fonts and minor revisions to each page.

March 2002

03.08.02 - Changed links to be more noticeable when you rollover them. Started
learning more about web graphics and other web technologies.

February 2002

02.02.02 - The new website launches! After years of patience with HTML and
a number of books, I finally finished the new website. Hope you enjoy it!

02.14.02 - Valentine's Day! Check out my first Flash project...the e-card.



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